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Challenge: 91 Days Sober

Date: 06/07/23

Challenge: 91 days sober

Because according to a rough calculation by my period tracker, it is 91 days until my potential egg retrieval.

I've done a few good sobriety stints over the last few years - a month here and there, the latest and longest being 6 weeks.

91 days would be the longest since I've started drinking. But I've been told to cut back to 2-4 drinks per week during my fertility treatment, and I've been historically bad at moderation.

Starting on a Thursday is possibly a good thing! I can't 'one last hurrah' myself tonight just because 90 days is a round number. And 89 is not as much of an achievement. So we're going for it.

(Since there is no way the retrieval will be that exact date this is more of a metaphorical adventure, but it's out there now! Challenge set.)

So here goes. Time to make this body and these eggs the best they can be, and hope they will see me through the next decade.

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